Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chapter 1

Procrastination =( 
Of course procrastination never give benefit except troubles. Yup. So, this was what I learnt through my first week in Telecommunication class. Let me briefly describe what was in the introduction of this subject.


the imparting, conveying or exchange of thoughts,
messages, ideas, knowledge or information by
sign and sounds like speech, signals, writing or by behaviour. 

There are many communication that was found by researchers, but we only learnt one model which is Shannon-Weaver Mathematical Model, 1949.

Below is on of the popular model for communication, by Schramm.

tele= far off
telecommunication means transfer of data from transmitter to receiver across a distance.

 There are 6 elements to make communication occurs: 
1. people: as users
2. procedure :order set of task
3. data/information 
4. hardware : equipment/ device
5. software : program
6. communication/ connectivity  :transmission of data

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