Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hey Guys & Gurls

Hello! we meet again. I saw all the new blog created by my classmate, and I am the lamest one. I've got to admit that i am not good in this bloggy thingy, BUT, i will try my best shot to make it ALIVE~

Now, i am learning on how to make my account more,, errmmmm,, interesting? Yeah! More interesting and fascinating. And first, I have to give a HUMONGOUS THANKS to Mira Mustafar. She showed me some tricks (or steps) on how to change all the settings etc etc etc.

Okay, lets talk about technology. World nowadays are made up of zillions of technology. You know, like computers, telephone, TV and etc. Even now, people could bring television along with them. What a shock right. Other interesting part is when a 5 years old boy is more advance than the teenagers especially when it comes on technology. 

BUT, nothing to shame about. That is why I'm taking Telecomunication & Networking as one of my subjects. At least, it can help me to figure out more  on what is technology all about. *wink2