Tuesday, May 1, 2012


What is HTML?
= HyperText Markup Language
HTML Programming- to tag various part of web documents by displaying document's link.

There are only consist of 3 elements:
-script component

Basic element of HTML
Angle bracket = < > *new tag is being used
Tag names = <p>..</p>
Attributes = <FONT color> * to chane the default value; eg: font colour, italics, etc

I learn this 'script' today.. It is fascinating to know something hidden within the text. well, let take a look what have i learnt.
<title>Fifah is the master.</title>
<body>This is my first homepage.<br>
<p align=center><FONT color=red>Fifah is me.</FONT></p>

 i have to say, it is not easy to learn about HTML. You have to memorize every symbol and the format of HTML, or else . . . It won't work.

- you can edit your blog by yourself, independently.
- if something goes wrong, you can always fix it. * as you know the trick of the HTML. ehem ehem
So. you can always go to http://www.w3schools.com.

Just now, I learn on how to make frontpage, using Microsoft Frintpage 2003. It is great! I wish I could post what i have learnt, unfortunately, i can't. En Razak taught on how to make your own frontpage, using hyperlink, htm, and etc. 

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